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Investements Plans

With our Investment Plan you will be able to obtain high annual profits and at the same time enjoy formidable fully equipped yachts in your leisure time, in the season and destination you want.

Depending on your available capital and financial and leisure expectations, at ACQUA we give you the option of acquiring the boat as the sole partner or jointly with other investment partners, which gives you the opportunity to participate with a small investment or diversify your investment. between several yachts.

ACQUA is in charge of obtaining the boat that you choose through the brand's distributor under very special economic conditions, with exemption from the payment of taxes that are reflected in the final price.

By contracting our Plan, you will acquire the rights to operate and use the yacht throughout the year, and you will be able to dispose of it both for commercial exploitation, obtaining annual economic returns, and for personal use, either in your vacations with family or friends, or in the working season for work meetings.

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Plan Features


  • Contract duration: 5 years Number of partners per boat: From 1 to 8 participants

  • Participation Value: 12.5% ​​of the total value of the yacht

  • Exclusive use of the yacht: 5 weeks per year per Participation

  • Return on investment: 100% at the end of the contract

  • Estimated profitability: From 1.5% to 19.5% per year*


* Depending on the model of boat and number of weeks sold per year.

Everything are advantages


The member obtains great benefits with the commercialization of his reserved weeks.


The pleasure of enjoying a vacation aboard luxurious boats.


The commercial activity of the investment is aimed at a public of high standing.


Es una gran inversión en descanso y en relax para su tiempo de ocio.

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