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Let´s enjoy the ocean!

Depending on your available capital and financial and leisure expectations, at ACQUA we give you the option of acquiring the boat as the sole partner or jointly with other investment partners, which gives you the opportunity to participate with a small investment or diversify your investment between several yachts.


ACQUA is in charge of obtaining the boat that you choose through the brand's distributor under very special economic conditions, with exemption from the payment of taxes that are reflected in the final price.

puerto pequeño


Press for more information and we will send you a PDF with more technical information, prices, pictures and much more!

Lavanda VI

Year of construction: 2021 / Availability: Immediate

yate de vela

Alexa 17

Year of construction: 2020 / Availability: Immediate

Yate de lujo

Alegria 32

Year of construction: 2021 / Availability: September

Yate de lujo

Bali 3.2

Year of construction: 2022 / Availability: Immediate

Yate de motor

Ruby 2.0

Year of construction: 2022 / Availability: July

Barco de viaje

Neel lll

Year of construction: 2020 / Availability: March

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